Professional-Aquatic Weed, Grasses & Algae Removal Services

Based in Barney Ga, (between Valdosta & Moultrie) our staff has offered premium aquatic services for ponds & lakes to the surrounding areas in South Ga and N Florida since 1998. “Thomas Aquatic Weed Control and Pond Services” offers a wealth of knowledge on how to handle unwanted nuisance weeds and plants-in your water areas. That said, we welcome our customers to provide us with any feedback they may have regarding their ponds or our services. Looking forward to hearing from you. For more information on aquatic weed and algae control for ponds, contact Thomas Aquatic and Pond Services TODAY!!

Larry Thomas, Commercial Contractor/Licensed Pesticide Applicator

Larry has been providing “Professional — Personal” service in ponds & lakes and other aquatic bodies of water for control of “unwanted & unneeded” plants, grasses and various types of algae that cause problems in the lakes and ponds across south Ga and North Florida since 1998.

Among our cliental, we service Farmlands with ponds,  Subdivisions and Home Owners Associations, as well as Builders and Private Property Owners. Also Plantations, Hunting /Fishing Clubs,  Corporations and more. Recently we obtained some government contracts for Federal owned and managed ponds etc. “WE ARE ON THE GROW!”

As a “Family Owned and Family Operated Business” we are pursuing growing and adding to our knowledge and experience,  exploring other ways we can better serve our customers. We offer free estimates and some of that good ole “South-Georgia Friendly” style of SERVICE with responsible, caring & conscientious dependability.